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Finally! Upcoming LIVE Performances...

1st September 2021

Finally! Upcoming LIVE Performances...

We are extremely delighted to announce that we will at last be performing our long-awaited hybrid dance theatre work WHEN YOU LIGHT A CANDLE, YOU ALSO CAST A SHADOW at:

PETER SCOTT GALLERY, LANCASTER ARTS on Thursday 4th November 2021.

We will perform the work three times on the day, tickets can be booked here:

The piece, with its central themes of climate crisis and climate celebration, was commissioned in 2019 by DANCE CONSORTIA NORTH WEST, WARRINGTON MUSEUM & ART GALLERY, and LANCASTER ARTS. We will shortly also announce further performance dates which will take place at WARRINGTON MUSEUM & ART GALLERY.

The live performances of the work will feature a trio of dancers and a string quintet, and specially-written prose poetry by Costa Award winner MARY TALBOT.

With thanks for additional help and support from:


Below are some shots (as ever by photographer BRIAN HICKEY) from a short r&d period at the end of September 2020, with dancers PAIGE LYON, DAISY BELLE HOWELL, & LAUREN TUCKER, who will be our live cast for WHEN YOU LIGHT A CANDLE, YOU ALSO CAST A SHADOW.

More information about the commission can be found here:

Thank you and see you in Lancaster!

Bettina & Gary


Certainly not forgetting our other works long in the pipeline, also forthcoming are:

- A new work in the form of an operatic song cycle made in collaboration with a large group of NHS Doctors (and dancers too), entitled CLIPPED WINGS.

- And... we are also headed towards an epic in the form of an anthology opera, with dance (but of course!) and featuring a huge and very exciting cast of guest librettists.

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