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6th September 2022

Good News!

We are astonished to announce that our current company piece

When You Light A Candle, You Also Cast A Shadow has been

nominated for a One Dance UK Award 2022.


"It's a complete mystery who nominated us (all our guesses have proved wrong so far!) but thank you very much indeed!!!"

We, Bettina & Gary, Mary Talbot, our amazing dancers, string quintet, poetry readers and drummers, technicians and organisers... everyone poured a lot of love and effort into the work with a sense, we hope, of climate celebration as much as the embodied message of warning about the precarious state of our habitat and the world in which we live.

We know, we understand, how much time and effort it takes to nominate a company for a One Dance UK Award so our deepest thanks to whoever this was, you are very kind!

Watch this space as we will be making an announcement quite soon about further upcoming performances of

When You Light A Candle, You Also Cast A Shadow (perhaps we should be reaching for shorter snappier titles in future...) We can't wait to share the work with audiences everywhere.


When You Light A Candle... at Warrington Museum & Art Gallery

in June 2022.


Galleries of photos from performances of the piece in both Warrington & Lancaster can be seen here.


When You Light A Candle, You Also Cast A Shadow was commissioned in 2019 by DANCE CONSORTIA NORTH WEST, WARRINGTON MUSEUM & ART GALLERY, and LANCASTER ARTS.

The performances of the work feature a trio of dancers and a string quintet, and a specially-written poetry cycle by Costa Award winner MARY TALBOT.

With thanks for additional help and support from:


TheRedShoes-062 copy.jpg
Carpi Dance-2431e.jpg

Below are some shots (as ever by photographer BRIAN HICKEY) from our short dance R&D period which took place at the end of September 2020, on what was probably the last bluest blue sky day of the year, with LAUREN TUCKERPAIGE LYON,& DAISY BELLE HOWELL, our dancers for WHEN YOU LIGHT A CANDLE, YOU ALSO CAST A SHADOW.


With love,


Bettina & Gary

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