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Huddersfield Literature Festival

15th March 2015

A little bit of history here...

The photos below are from Company Carpi's first works in progress for our forthcoming adaptation of Mary & Bryan Talbot's Costa Award Winning


Featuring performances from Bettina and Christopher Owen

Choreography by Bettina Carpi

Original Music by Gary Lloyd

Hosted by Festival Director Michelle Hodgson

Photographs by Jonathan Jacob.

See below photos for more details and some exciting news...

Dotter Of Her Father's Eyes is a twin biographical narrative about father-daughter relationships.  In one thread we follow the lives of James Joyce and his daughter Lucia who became passionate about the burgeoning expressive art form of contemporary dance whilst the Joyce family were living in Paris.  Very sadly Lucia's parents were not supportive of this and Lucia developed serious issues of mental health, spending her later life in mental health institutions and she tragically died in an asylum in Northampton in 1982.

The other narrative thread follows the relationship between Mary Talbot herself and her father, a recognised world class Joycean scholar who for example wrote the entry for Encyclopedia Brittanica about James Joyce.  Mary wanted to be a ballerina when she was a child, but growing older realised that she really wanted to be an academic and a writer which was strangely lost on her father.

At the Huddersfield Literature Festival event in 2015 we presented three short extracts devised to be representative of the overall piece.  Not so long after the event we realised that what we had in mind was simply going to be too expensive as a first venture for our company, and that there was also some narrative key missing that we couldn't quite put our fingers on, so we shelved the piece and came up with fresh ideas to pursue instead...

Then, in May 2018, a conversation with Naomi Rogers, a phenomenally enthusiastic, highly capable mezzo-soprano singer inspired us to conclude that we should make Dotter as an opera with dance, thus smashing the problems of narrative and the need for elaborate expensive sets.

At the close of 2018 in an amazing joining of dots and forces we were invited by Dublin Worldcon to show some extracts from the opera as part of their (huge) convention concert.  This took place, very recently, and with an enormous amount of help from good friends and colleagues, on 16th August at CCD Dublin.  We will very soon be able to share more about the experience and share some photographs and clips!

Gary Lloyd September 2019