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Company Carpi - Nominated for One Dance UK Awards 2022

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

We are astonished to find that our current company piece

When You Light A Candle, You Also Cast A Shadow has been

nominated for a One Dance UK Award 2022!!!

It's a mystery who nominated us but thank you very much indeed!!!

We, Bettina & I, Mary Talbot, our amazing dancers and musicians and poetry readers and drummers, technicians and organisers poured a lot of love and effort into the work with a sense, we hope, of climate celebration as much as the embodied message of warning about the precarious state of our habitat and the world in which we live.

We know, we understand, how much time and effort it takes to nominate a company for a One Dance UK Award so our deepest thanks to whoever this was, you are very kind!

Watch this space as we will be making an announcement quite soon about further upcoming performances of When You Light A Candle, You Only Cast A Shadow (perhaps we should be reaching for shorter snappier titles in future!) We can't wait to share the work further afield...

Left: Company Carpi perform When You Light A Candle at Warrington Museum & Art Gallery.

A gallery of photos of the work in performances from performances this year at WMAG and late last year for Lancaster Arts can be found here.

In the meantime we would like to offer our profound thanks to everyone who contributed to making this piece such a success. It's a long list for sure, thank you everyone XX

Mary Talbot for her lovely poetry; dancers Lauren Tucker, Paige Lyon, Daisy Belle Howell; musicians The Candle String Quintet: Lucy Arch, Lily Whitehurst, Gemma Bass, Alice Billen, Mhairi Simpson, Andrew Vickers; drummers Lewis Benning & Sam Pritchard, poetry readers Zoe Smith, Claire Henderson Davies, Cerian Emma Young, Isabelle Mohan, Janice Fryett; costume designer Christine Carpi; score preparation Adam Robinson; sculptor Steve Sutton; for Dance Consortia North West: Ivan Wadeson & Paul Smith; for Culture Warrington: Cultural Manager Leah Biddle, Mike Roberts, Roger Jeffrey, Dale Land, David Morgan; for Lancaster Arts & Peter Scott Gallery: Richard Smith, Danielle Ash, Jamie Wooldridge, Megan Bowyer; Adam Holloway & Jane McLean and everyone at Cheshire Dance; Warrington Youth Zone & Jamie Patterson, Arts Council England, Swiss Cultural Fund UK, Warrington Borough Council Community Initiatives Fund; The Arts Centre Edge Hill: Michelle Man & EHU Students for our Candle R&D way back in 2020...

And finally... thanks to Ursula K Le Guin for inspiring our title and theme.

Gary Lloyd, 6th September 2022

"It’s like taking a bath - in art!"

Audience Feedback for When You Light A Candle, You Only Cast A Shadow

Audiences in both performance venues responded beautifully to the piece, and we really felt we made a true connection. Here are some of the comments we received from audience members:

"At its core ‘When You Light A Candle, You Also Cast A Shadow’ has the most gorgeous heart."

"A beautiful, meditative performance. Dance, live music and recorded poetry were seamlessly woven together. It is an important work with a poignant message!"

"A really lovely piece of work, impactful as it was beautiful. A truly sensory experience on many levels, the exquisite live sound score linked with the spoken word and the movement of the dancers bodies allowed for a very visceral response and connectedness to the piece."

"It made me take notice of our current surroundings and the beauty of what is around us. There is so much that goes on in one moment, but what happens when we actually take a second to use our eyes and see."

"I think it created a pause in our busy lives to reflect on what is happening and appreciate the delicacy and fragility of it all."

"How much we should appreciate the natural world, and how the arts are a powerful way of getting across the message of how beautiful, powerful, unpredictable and fragile our planet is."

"The topic is more important than ever and was beautifully, sensitively and accessibly staged and performed through dance, music and poetry."

"Performing in that space was.a gorgeous thing. The way you layered the moves and had audience on either side made it really interesting."

"A thoughtful and beautifully executed performance."

"I had never been to Warrington museum before and it was the fact that there was a dance performance which made me visit it. Hope there are more events like this."

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