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“We make hybrid dance theatre, and opera, always featuring strong societal topics, and with texts based on the work of, or written originally by, outstanding writers, poets and novelists. We always perform with live music, we always work with emerging young artists and involve community groups, and we're always trying to reach audiences that may not be familiar with the kinds of work we make and the work of the many artists with whom we collaborate.”

Gary Lloyd & Bettina Carpi - 2022




To create hybrid dance theatre works

with strong societal and human topics and

with texts based on the work of, connected to, or written originally by, outstanding writers.


To always present the works which are company canon with music performed live.


To reach audiences that are not necessarily familiar with contemporary dance, contemporary music, hybrid dance theatre or the work of the outstanding writers with whom we collaborate.


Company Carpi combines music & dance with other art forms to present imaginative live performance pieces which address societal topics. 

Our work is driven by the desire to communicate, explore and comment on issues of equality and the role of the arts within society and our daily lives. We recognise and strongly value the transformative 

potential of the arts and in our work we explore the empathic nature of the body, movement, sound, music and dance - alone and combined with other art forms.

Our work is process oriented and collaborative, a continued dialogue with other art forms and the people we meet, and is a meditation on the world in which we live.

We aim to make performances which are bold and forward looking, yet intimate, empathetic and accessible.

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