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"Like everyone, we've paused for thought, taken time to reflect and take stock, tidied away unfinished tasks, made plans for current and future works, and dreamed up new ideas...

Sadly we had to postpone two major projects in the past year but we'll be back to share these - and more - as soon as we can.

We're looking forward to working once again with amazing artists and talented technicians and all our friends and colleagues in the arts,

and most of all we can't wait to return to our theatres, concert halls and less conventional performance spaces to share our new work.

Here's to a hopeful 2021!"

Bettina & Gary

"COMPANY CARPI make innovative, inspirational

and highly creative dance theatre infused with

a love of literature and the written word"


Director of Huddersfield Literature Festival


COMPANY CARPI is a contemporary dance, dance theatre and live music venture created by dancer and choreographer BETTINA CARPI and composer and producer GARY LLOYD.

Whilst we have worked together for many years the company was launched to coincide with our first true and full-scale co-production, a dance theatre adaptation of the prose poem THE MIRROR OF LOVE by the highly celebrated author and comic book creator ALAN MOORE.  Its premiere performances, funded by Arts Council England and

other sources, took place in September 2017 and the piece will tour the UK soon.

In April 2018 we ran research and development of a new performance piece based on the book KNOTS by the revolutionary psychiatrist R.D. LAING, featuring four actors, seven dancers and five musicians from UNIVERSITY OF CHESTER PERFORMING ARTS DEPT.

In June 2018 in conjunction with the performance artist CLAIRE HENDERSON DAVIS we created another Arts Council England funded performance piece engaging with the Syrian refugee crisis titled TAKE REFUGE UNDER MY SHADE which was performed at Chester's new theatre STORYHOUSE and at the EDINBURGH JUST FESTIVAL.

The piece featured orchestral music recorded with the Scottish Session Orchestra at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

In 2019 we launched two exciting and very different new works - an opera with dance based on Mary & Bryan Talbot's Costa Award Winning DOTTER OF HER FATHER'S EYES extracts of which were performed at DUBLIN WORLDCON, and THE STUMBLING BLOCK based on the poetry cycle by the amazing BRIAN CATLING which was performed at the CHESTER MUSIC FESTIVAL at STORYHOUSE and at THE ARTS CENTRE EDGE HILL UNIVERSITY.

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Photography by Brian Hickey


Bettina performing in Sarah Michelson's

'THE HANGMAN' for CandoCo:

View the orchestral piece composed by GARY LLOYD as a memorial for his friend and collaborator the late great Scottish novelist IAIN BANKS:

A day out not so long ago to see and record with the lovely Alan Moore in his home town of Northampton.


Alan, Bettina and Gary: